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  1. Sound Healing – Why it works to benefit your health

     Sound healing is becoming more and more popular as we discover how much sound can actually have a physical and emotional effect on our bodies. Celebrities such as Holly Willoughby, Adele, Jennifer Anniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kendall Jenner to name but a few have all been documented saying how it really helps them in various ways but how? It is not a new concept, sound has been used for thousands of years to help heal so why are we now re-discovering the benefits?

     All of us are made up from energy and vibration, the cells and atoms in our bodies which are constantly vibrating all have a frequency, from our vital organs to the food we eat, to the plants in our gardens, these all have frequencies too.  Neurons in our brains vibrate at different frequencies based on the information that they receive from our internal and external worlds and these frequencies influence all of our cells and atoms throughout our bodies. Sound waves reach the brain and then a there a number of different biological responses within us that can cause our emotional state to be altered.  As we discover more through Quantum physics about the positive effects from sound on our internal cells, we can start to realize how important this therapy is.

     The healthy human body has a normal frequency between 62-72Hz but the fascinating thing is that states of mind also have their own frequencies too, for example joy has a frequency of around 540Hz whereas anger is around 150Hz, bearing in mind that for us to stay as healthy as possible it is better to try and keep your frequency high so it demonstrates that to stay positive, grateful and happy as much as possible is really beneficial to our overall health and well-being. All of us will have times of anger, frustration and low moods but it is how quickly we can turn these around to get back into a more positive state of mind that will determine the impact on our mental health.

     When you have sound healing there is a process called ‘sympathetic resonance’ which occurs and this is when the vibrations in your body will mirror the vibrations from another source, which in sound healing would come from singing bowls, gongs or other instruments and the sound waves that are played will penetrate into your cells and restore them to their natural state getting rid of any blockages and negative energies to promote healing.  By using different rhythms and pitch frequencies the aim is to downshift your brain to the relaxed state of theta which is when your body is in total relaxation and can de-stress and restore itself to perfect balance.