My name is Beverley and I am a qualified Sound Practitioner, Biofield cleanser,  Holistic life coach and Reiki Master and have been using energy work for over 20 years.  I was drawn to energy work from a young age. Growing up with a great love of animals and being lucky enough to own and work with many over the years it teaches you that communication is not always spoken but felt from within. 

As I climbed the ladder of the corporate working world through my twenties, I realized it was great to earn lots of money but did this make me happy and content?  I started studying Reiki going on to become a Reiki Master Teacher and also study other forms of energy therapies, I started to feel better and found stressful situations easier to navigate through as I discovered how to get more balance from a full on hectic life like many of us lead. As time went on, I developed a deeper understanding of the science behind why energy therapies actually worked and this gave me even more desire to really start trying to use this knowledge to help others who may need to change their hectic schedules as it did for me whilst also giving them the tools to cope with the stressful everyday living.

I decided that I would leave the corporate life and work in areas that made me feel happiest which was energy work, helping others and volunteering at Battersea dogs home.

When I was first introduced to sound, I didn’t really know what to expect but when I had my first sound bath (no water included as some people think) it really triggered another level for me, I came out feeling different and I knew there had been a big shift in my body and mind and this gave me the determination to study this therapy to find out as much as I could going on to qualify as a sound therapy practitioner.

I absolutely love and am very passionate about sound therapy and now I understand the reasons why it works through Quantum Physics I fully believe it can really help people to feel better and love to share this knowledge with others, it is now proven and backed up with numerous studies and has gone from being a therapy that people found a bit ‘out there’ to now having scientific backing and can be explained why it actually can help our bodies to get back to full equilibrium and how the vibrations of sound can actually restore the cells/atoms inside us.